1. The Relationship between spiritual and sexual energy

What has been written in past centuries about the relationship and similarity between spiritual ecstasy and sexual orgasm is not common knowledge, even though such literature is not difficult to find. Some people are mystified by this connection, others accept it jokingly, or without much thought, and some dismiss it out of hand, mostly because they assume it is associated with the occult. Little do they suspect that such great works as The Song of Solomon and the Kama Sutra are expressions of this idea.

      Common knowledge about sex, as represented in the now classic tomes of such reknowned psychologists as Kinsey and Masters and Johnson, look at sex from a clinical viewpoint, leaving us to assume that the 'bliss' of sex is one of, if not the greatest of, pleasures in life, and that it is the prime goal to be achieved in a meaningful relationship. The idea that sexual orgasm can be a 'cosmological' and sacred experience is not a concept that would be argued, but it would be taken as a subjective evaluation of personal experience not exactly worthy of scientific investigation.

      In rare moments of sexual freedom, however, it is possible to experience another entirely different level or dimension than the heightened sensory and emotional impressions that come with sexual pleasure. Another level of consciousness can be entered into, one that is as infinite as the reaches of the furthest galaxies. In that kind of moment, the organic, or sensory quality of the sexual act - which places it at the functional level of copulation and procreation - is transcended; one leaves the body, so to speak, to become an integrated part of another order of reality. Mystics call this moment 'ecstasy,' and revere it as sacred. Others make the "Twilight Zone" sound . . . .

      What is the connection between sex and the sacred?

      The energy experienced at this 'infinite' level is so refined, so rare, that there is no adequate analogy for it at the material level on which ordinary life is lived; nevertheless, sex energy can be regarded as one of the prime energies of life, and there is no doubt that every single person on the planet experiences it, if only at its 'unrefined' level. As for the other primary life energy, I think of it as the 'force that through the green fuse drives the flower.' (Dylan Thomas) Of this Force, we are less aware than sex energy, for reasons that have to do with our awareness of our own lives. We don't often stop to think, 'What is the energy that keeps me alive? And where does it come from, and under what conditions does it flow in me?'

      Sex, we think, is much easier to understand. It is what seems to 'drive' life. Sex is in everything we do, think, say, feel; we regard it both as an end in itself and as a means towards ends which in themselves have no sexual value, and it is not an error of judgement to say that even though it is the most prevalent force in our lives, we have little or no understanding of it - experience, yes, but understanding, no. Ordinarily, we do not think of it as being related to our sacred Self. We see it either as the fulfillment of romantic inclinations, or as the force that through the TV tube drives the merchandise.

      In order to understand sex on a higher level, it is necessary to regard it, not as a separate 'driving force,' but as one of three forces that are 'braided' together invisibly in our lives and that alternately become cause and result of many of our behaviours. These forces operate invisibly to us because they do so on a scale that, like planetary motion (the revolution of the Earth on its axis, for example), is beyond our normal perception. The reason why sex energy is so apparent, so 'visible' to us, is that certain results of its influence are well within our limits of sensation; other results simply do not manifest themselves because they are so much more 'refined,' and we do not even suspect that this could be the case.