MALE POWER (Excerpt)

Common representations of male and female energies and functions has long been posited in terms suggesting polarities such as active-passive, positive-negative, these presumably having derived from ancient sources like astrology, which gives us the commonly known male and female symbols, and eastern teachings which have given us such symbols such as Yin and Yang. All of these bear a certain element of what I would call 'veracity,' except that they all appear to be dualistic in nature, or at least have been interpreted by long-standing convention as being so. It is this dualism which causes confusion in the male-female debate that has been going on for centuries.

      This is the first principle which must be clearly understood before any sense can be made of the rest of the problem. To view the 'universe' as a continuum in which only opposites operate in the producing of phenomena is to defy the Great Logic behind Creation and everything which flows from and in it. That Great Logic, traces of which can be found in such teachings as that of the Holy Trinity in Christianity, clearly states that three Forces operate in all events - not two, three. The eye, organ of sight, sees two contradictory forces at work in all events, and, blind to the third, assumes that two are all that are necessary or all that exist.

      But two opposing forces produce nothing by themselves. Positive and negative can be pitted against each other till doomsday, and nothing will happen. It does not take much to realize that the positive and negative forces in an electrical system will not interact and produce a flow of current unless a switch is thrown, but for many centuries now, the throwing of the switch, so to speak, has been regarded as 'outside' the phenomenon as some other order of teleological phenomenology having nothing to do with the phenomenon of 'light bulb,' food processor, or whatever other appliance is connected to the circuit. But the Third Force is integral to the operation of the Universe, and as a necessary component operating in every process at every level, it must therefore be sought in the male-female 'debate' as well.

      What could such a force be?

      A second principle that must be re-visited and re-thought is the relationship between the two observable forces that are commonly taken for granted. What is not commonly understood is that both 'active' and 'passive' are forces. Passivity does not mean 'no force'. This is more clearly understandable if the terms positive and negative are used instead. A negative reaction to a positive force is clearly understandable as a force in intellectual debate or argument where so-called 'rational thought' presumably occur. You make a statement. That is positive force. I negate it. That is negative force. My negation, however, is not 'no force.' If I were to manifest 'no force,' your statement would fall into the abyss of my apathy and would become something else entirely, quite possibly even becoming its own negative force in the form of your reaction to me and the fact that I don't care a whit for what you've just said. Insofar as Newton's law represents a 'blind eye' as to how our universe really operates, part of what his law represents is true, and that is that both the 'equal and opposite reactions' are indeed actions, even though we have come to regard one of them as no action.