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MOUNTAIN ECHOES: Photo Enhancement Services

Mountain Echoes can enhance poor quality images from your family album, restore damaged photos, or create composites from two or more photos.

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Composite of three separate photos. The gravel embankment below the hill in the original photo was considered unattractive. The dramatic effect was heightened by cropping the wall of the quarry in the second photo. The human figure 'lost a few pounds' and the walking stick angle was changed.
This is a layering of seven different photos taken at a news journal photoshoot where time was limited. (Photo by permission of George Aniol, President of the Sudbury Polish Combatans Association)
In this shot taken at Lake Minisinakwe, Gogama, Ontario, the distortion of perspective in the trees caused by the camera angle was corrected and the colours of the lichens on the rock in the foreground were brought up to their natural hue.
This sow thistle was greatly 'enhanced' to become an entirely new image. Some of the background distractions were eliminated by cutting the original image in half, copying and reversing it, and blending it back into one whole. The other effects are a matter of artistic taste.
Many snapshots are spoiled by stray limbs of unseen people in the corners, scum on the water, and hues that are distorted by distance, all of which problems were corrected in this image.


Mountain Echoes prides itself on quality processing that even professional photographers can't match at this price: $65/hour.

Restoration of a moderately damaged sepia print from a hundred years ago will cost about $125.

Cutting, pasting, and blending part(s) of one photo into another takes less time than restoring damaged photos and so the cost is less.
Minimum: $30, plus taxes, postage.

These prices are for electronic imaging only. Printing costs are additional.
All prices are in Canadian currency.

facial blemishes
power lines from landscape photos

Do not expect:
blurry or poor quality images to be upgraded to 'perfect' levels
perfect matches in colour tones between widely differing colour formats in separate photos
newsprint or magazine quality photos to be upgraded to high resolution

These are only some of the effects that can be created electronically. For more, browse through the other photos on the following pages.

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