DANIEL RACICOT, publisher, author, and artist, journeyed for many years in the realms of art, literature, astronomy, history, psychology, philosophy, and religion until, after returning to the lakes and hills of Sudbury where he grew up, his real journey in life began. That was in 1998, at the age of fifty-six. Now he is making lifetime dreams come true.


MOUNTAINTOP PRESS is devoted to promoting awareness of men's issues and to the development of men's studies in the context of wholesome, holistic growth for everyone. By giving voice to the concerns and ideas of men, and by encouraging them to tell their stories, Mountaintop Press serves as an intermediary between the work of the Men's Studies Center and the community at large. Revenues from all publications directly support The Men's Studies Center and its programs.

As a Northern Ontario publishing house, Mountaintop Press is designed to go beyond the specific focus of men's studies into the promotion of cultural values that spring from the unique Northern Ontario experience. Northern communities are ready for a transitional movement in terms of cultural identity and cultural self-esteem, and to take up a new stance in relation to the nation as well as the world at large. Northern communities have a unique relationship to the wilderness which until recent years has remained for the most part unsung. Mountaintop Press is founded on a belief that in addition to the great abundance of material resources which have been exploited for over a century in Northern Ontario, there is an even richer and more valuable source of impressions to be mined; impressions that have great power to move the spirit.

Mountain Echoes, a division of Mountaintop Press, encompasses a variety of services including: greeting card design, photographic art and photo enhancement, and photo restoration.